Lighthouse Church of God Welcomes You!

Welcome to the Lighthouse Church Of God! Our ministry is a spiritual representation of a real lighthouse. It sends forth light, regardless of the darkness that is being experienced around it. It serves to guide those to God’s shore, out of the storms that this life presents to us, to a place of peace and calm assurance. The praise and worship calls out to those seeking a safe haven, as does a fog horn, so that they may come and rest from their struggles. And the lighthouse keepers, the Pastors, are here to feed you, with the word…… keep you warm, with the presence of God’s Spirit…….and help you to keep your Light bright, cleaned, and polished. Our messages and teaching help trim your wick and replenish your fuel, and to restore your battered vessel.

We are “The Restoration Station!” Where that which has been broken, can be put back together….... again. We minister to marriages, lives, and  relationships…with the greater emphasis being placed on restoring severed Godly relationships.
“It’s Time To Come Home.”