Lighthouse Church of God - About Us


The Church of God is the oldest Pentecostal movement in the United States; dating back as far as 1886.  Its membership of well over 6 million is firmly represented in over 150 countries around the globe.  The Church of God International Offices are located in Cleveland Tennessee, not far from its humble beginnings and holiness heritage in the lower southeastern foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

       The Church of God sponsors (2) two fully accredited Bible Colleges: Lee University in Cleveland, TN, and Patten West Coast Bible and a post-graduate seminary The School of Theology also in Cleveland, TN.

       The Lighthouse Church of God is a warm, friendly, visionary and caring multi-racial fellowship.  The congregation is under the pastoral leadership of Reverends Theo and Linda Hobbs, following the retirement of Pastors Emeritus: the Reverends Ronald and Nancy Soulsman who had served the Berlin and Ocean City community from the spring of 1984 until January 2012.   

       The Lighthouse weekly worship services, offices, counseling, education, fellowships and outreaches are located at the former Bethany United Methodist Church, on the corner of Sinepuxent and Lewis roads in Berlin.  The Church of God was grateful to obtain this facility in 1984, and continue “carrying the gospel of truth and a rich tradition of faith” which began on the same property over 200 years ago!


What should I expect at the Church of God?

 Sunday worship services at The Lighthouse are a wholesome blend of lively praise choruses and traditional hymns.  Musical instruments such as electronic pianos/synthesizers, guitars and drums enhance the vocal ensembles, choirs and liberated praise and church anthems.

As a Pentecostal fellowship, the Gifts of the Spirit, promised to birth the first New Testament church, and “turn its world upside down”, are also evident in every gathering at The Lighthouse Church of God.

Upon entering our church doors, a warm greeting and personal care for each guest and member is a trademark of this growing fellowship and to each faithful attendee and member -- genuine concern really matters! 

      Our Statement of Purpose and Mission is demonstrated in one present-day proverb:  “No one really cares how much you know, until they know how much you really care.”